The Independent Anglican Synod was founded on a simple idea: to offer a welcoming and safe place for spiritual seekers who are hungry for a different way of doing and being Church, and for those who journey along non-traditional Christian paths.

Our ministries share a vision shaped by the reformed catholic perspectives of the Anglican Tradition, and the experiential wisdom of the ancient desert monastics. We affirm that God is within all things, inviting all of Creation towards wholeness and holiness. As followers of the Christian Wisdom Tradition we affirm and celebrate our living world as the Sacrament it is.

Everyone is welcome to journey with us, regardless of the labels society uses to divide us. We seek always to celebrate among us the lavish diversity of God’s Creation.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us, and would be delighted to discuss with you the Christian path, your sense of call, and our community.