About Us

When the Church is authentic, it is a sign in the world of God’s prodigal love, and a reconciling presence that works to restore us to an understanding of our shared humanity and kinship in God our Creator. Reflecting the heart of Anglican faith, we make no distinctions on the basis of sex, race, class, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, or marital status. We welcome everyone to full participation in the community and the sacraments of this Synod.

We are Sacramental

All Creation is holy ground. Everyone and every thing reveals our Creator, who is in all things. And in Jesus the Christ we find a singular Sacrament of God. We embrace the traditional Sacraments of the Church, mindful that there is much beyond what is merely apparent; and we know that these Sacraments do not exhaust the possibility of discovering God at work among us.

We Are Ecumenical

All who seek to know Jesus as the Christ are members of one Table, one Communion, invited to share in the great Feast. There are no barriers and no limitations. The Eucharist is a celebration and an opportunity to discover God’s abundance, generosity, and desire for a human community without barriers and boundaries.

We also respect the validity of other religious and spiritual traditions. We are committed to faithful journeys of learning and dialog, in order to more fully discover the many expressions of God among us.

We Are Mindful

We embrace the Bible and the Traditions of the universal Church as inspired by the Spirit. Yet we are mindful that these are human creations, and as such they are expressions of the imperfect cultures and conditions that gave rise to them.

We cherish our spiritual freedom and responsibility as individuals and as community to interpret creeds, scriptures and traditions anew in our day. We listen keenly for the Spirit’s message within Scripture and Tradition. Our guide for understanding is God’s love for all people, displayed in the teaching and life of Jesus, the Christ. We know that all of our most profound insights fall short of the reality of God.

We Are Mystical

We are guided by the words of the Hebrew Scriptures, “Be still and know that I AM God”. And out of this holy stillness, we respond by giving primacy of place to Christ’s teaching, “The kingdom of God lies within you”. We seek to learn from and follow the great mystics and wisdom teachers in the Christian Tradition. We know that understanding the divine comes not from concepts and teachings, but from our personal encounter with God through prayer and meditation. With reverence we seek to draw back the veil, to experience ever more deeply and completely the fullness of scripture, liturgy, and theology – and all of Creation – as the place where we meet God.

We Are Apostolic

As Anglicans we maintain and protect the apostolic succession of our bishops, to ensure the validity of our Sacraments.